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Automated Kitchens with World-Class fabricated equipment

Modern Kitchen Appliances have significantly revolutionized the way we prepare food, clean & breathe odor-free air in our Kitchens. The use of technology has offered numerous benefits that aid our daily lives, creating huge differences and helping to improve our current lives. In India, Elisa has established itself as a leading brand in the kitchen appliance industry. Explore the world-class experience with Elisa

Energy Efficiency with Elisa

Electric Kitchen Appliances such as Kitchen Hoods: These are the most essential Kitchen appliances to remove odor, grease, smoke, and other harmful air-borne elements from the air while cooking or burning oil, etc. They effectively collect all the cooking fumes, reduce unpleasant odors, greasy faces, and surfaces, improve indoor air quality & settle us for a clean & pleasant kitchen place & its vicinity. – H4 + HD images; the range of products related to the subject

Experience the Luxe

“Get capitative by the enchanting allure of Elisa’s exceptional range of Home Appliances, where every moment unfolds as an extraordinary, remarkable, and refined experience."

Robust Customer Services

At Elisa Appliances Pvt. Ltd. we understand the importance of exceptional support for our valued customers, & we offer a range of convenient channels to ensure their needs are met. Our commitment to providing robust customer service is unwavering.


Whether you prefer direct communication, our Toll-Free number – 9251119251 is available for quick assistance. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives are ready to address your queries & provide timely solutions.

Also, for seamless our online chat feature allows you to engage in real-time conversations with our dedicated team.

Additionally, we provide a user-friendly form on our website where you can fill in your details & concerns, enabling us to offer you personalized assistance.

We prioritize efficiency & aim to resolve any issues promptly, ensuring that every interaction with our customer service team is satisfactory since placing the order. Our well-trained staff is committed to delivering accurate information and finding effective solutions tailored to your needs. At Elisa, we believe that delivering excellent customer service is essential for building trust and fostering strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers. 

FAQs :-

What is the Warranty period of the "Chimney Motors(A.C.)"?

The company provides Life time Warranty on the "Chimney Motors (A.C.)" for a period of 9 years from the date of purchase.

How to contact for servicing in the Warranty period?

Warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the product. You can avail your free services in the warranty period by calling and booking the slot for the free service on our Toll-Free Customer Support number : 9251-11-9251. Or you can mail us by simply clicking on the mail box, or via filling the form under our 'Contact Us' page.

How to take Dealership of "Elisa Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd." ?

You can directly fill the form under our Dealership page . Do mention all the details requested along with the location for which you want the dealership. Upon receiving your query our Sales Team will connect you in some time . Or you can directly call on our Toll-free number : 9251-11-9251 and speak to our Customer Support Executive to understand the complete process.

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